Ben Winch

writer / rocker

Hi, I’m Ben Winch, a one-time career writer and would-be indie rockstar who vanished in Tasmania in 1997. Now I aim to rear my head slowly after twenty years underground. To this end I’m at work on the following:

As to my past work, from 2003-6 I released 12 albums via Cottage Industry Recordings and never sold a copy. Shadow History is demos of my unreleased greatest hits, stretching back to just after my first band Movement broke up in the nineties. Brothers of the Head is a spoken-word concept album about a social misfit and his twin brother, an unborn foetus living in his skull. My two novels Liadhen and My Boyfriend’s Father were reviewed nationally and shortlisted for major prizes, and from time to time I carve another notch in my publishing history. I also review books and music and blog here with updates on my work and life.


Crash Landing

A sort of homecoming

October 22nd 2018

Embrace Shambolism!

Wigging out with Cottage Industry Recordings, 2003-6

October 13th 2018

Going Home

You will never go to the same river twice

December 27th 2017

High Times

This feels “once in a lifetime”. But really, what isn’t?

October 27th 2017

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